I AM SO EXCITED! Today I rejoined my old gym and went to the class I loved. It was like coming home. The exercise was fabulous, the camraderie excellent, and it was just so great to be in a familiar place, a place I frequented when times were good. And I don’t think it was just the endorphins that made me feel that way!

During Adam’s illness and for a period after his death I was pretty good about exercising—at another club we were members of, not my gym. I loved the classes and those I exercised with and all that kept me going. But the club underwent major construction that was completed just this past May, and the club had to close just as my father’s illness really started to claim him. All of those things together kept me away from any exercise whatsoever. I have felt so fat and, well, I’ve been disgusted with myself.

September 1 was to see the turning over of several different leaves. Rejoining my gym was at the top of the list and I’m proud to say I made it happen today and am very eager to return to the class I love on Friday. I just hope I can still move by then!

I chose September 1 because after that date my kids would have been settled at their respective universities and pursuing their own dreams. That would leave time for me to rediscover mine.

After today’s success I’ve been wondering what other habits or places I have abandoned over the last two years that may feed my soul were I to return to them. It’s a subject for serious contemplation and I intend to get right on it.

Therefore, I encourage you, my friends, to return to what you have loved—when the time is right for you. Knowing you plan to do this thing for yourself may fuel your resolve, may give you the energy you need to take the leap.

Well I’m too excited to sit here and write anymore!